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Use your knowledge to help others improve theirs!

‘Have you the ability to teach practical & experience based business English?’

Why waste a life time of acquired talent when others are trying to learn what you already know!

Paul St Pierre Business English Services is always on the lookout for English speaking people who have an established track record in some form of business, in the UK, America or some other country where English was the required lingua franca for day to day business dealings.

Ideally, you will be in the second half of your life, possibly retired or have made a decision to refocus your life into other activities but have some spare time to impart your knowledge to others.

We are not looking for business advisors - the decisions made by our students should be of their own making - but we need to help them convey those decisions to others, the logic behind them and to handle questions and objection to what they propose in good quality spoken business English.

We are also looking for people who are good speakers in public, able to help business executives who are often daunted by the prospect of making an English presentation for the first time. They need help to build their abilities and confidence.

Have you got those skills? If so, we would be happy to hear from you.  Initially, the area of focus is in Budapest, Hungary, but we are also willing to hear from you if you live in other parts of Central Europe.

Payment is above average for normal teaching work and it is not essential that you have a teaching qualification. What is important is that you have an excellent standard of English, can patiently help others improve their communication skills in English, a solid proven business background and the availability to teach for a few hours a week on a regular basis.

We are also on the lookout for business people who can proofread business documentation, rewriting it if required. There are also openings for translators to and from English.

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