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‘Whenever clear communication in English is essential for business success’
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A practical solution in translation to/from English for general communication purposes

‘Whenever budget limitations restrict your ability to communicate’

pspbe is an English based service for business in Europe and as part of our portfolio we offer a low cost solution to translating to/from English into other popular European languages

Currently we offer translation of the following languages into or from English:








Hebrew (coming soon)

Arabic (coming soon)

Please ask us about other languages that are not included in this list.

English Immersion Training

Business English low cost translation services

Rates from as little as €0.065 per source word

If your text is general in nature and can easily be translated without too much specialist knowledge required by the translator, then this service is for you.

Quick, efficient and accurate to 95% (or greater) of the original text, documents can be trans-lated to or from English at a low cost, comfortable to your pocket.

The greater the number of words, the greater the discount off the price shown above.  

Please note that extra charges may apply is there are formatting or layout issues to take into account.

This service is not intended for highly technical text but we can refer you to our partners if this service is needed.

Technical translations

Technical Translation Services

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