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‘Whenever clear communication in English is essential for business success’
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A practical solution to locate professional translation services throughout Europe

‘Where high quality translations are of strategic importance to business success’

There are many companies who require high quality technical translations in professional areas of business. Because of potential legal and financial implications, wrongly translated material can result in serious consequences.

Locating suitable suppliers at a reasonable cost who can deliver translations on time, within budget and to a high degree of accuracy is often time consuming and contains an element of risk.

This is where pspbe can help. We have a direct access to translation companies in Europe who can offer highly specialised services in particular areas of business translation.

If you need this service, please use the contact form below and we’ll do our best to help you locate suitable supplier(s) for your needs.

You will deal direct with the translation company you have selected for all further matters. This service is free to existing clients of pspbe. If you are not yet a client of pspbe, please indicate this on the contact form. A search fee MAY apply.

Business English technical translation services

Deal direct with your chosen translation agency

pspbe acts as your agent in locating a suitable translation agency who can provide a high quality solution for your translation needs. From that point forward you deal direct with the chosen translation agency(*).

Typical technical fields are:




IT, electronics


Life Sciences

Scientific research




There is no extra charge for this service for existing clients of pspbe.

* pspbe does not accept any liability for the services provided by the chosen translation company

Business English proofreading services

Business English proofreading services

Low cost translation services to /from English

Low cost translation services to and from English Ask more about this service