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‘Whenever clear communication in English is essential for business success’
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How to improve the quality of important documents needed to enhance your business success

‘There is no substitute for well written English to convey your needs and ideas’

As English is the most popular language used in international business communication today, it figures that the more accurate a document is, the more your intentions will be clearly understood by those who read them.
Many documents are translated internally by employees who have a reasonable command of English and this is often adequate for internal communication purposes.
But looked at in another way, an inaccurately translated text can create a bad business impression, particularly if the business wishes to project an image of high quality and level of service.
Another important area is business disputes. Misunderstand-ings are common in business but can usually be resolved by the right spoken word or the correctly written letter.
This is where pspbe can help to ensure that those important business documents and letters are clear, precise and accurate in the context they intend to convey to the reader.
At pspbe we offer rapid turnaround business English proof-reading services either on a “one-off” basis or a service contract basis.

Business English Proofreading services

Rates at €0.05 per source word or less

We offer a rapid turnaround service for urgent letters and communications.
Where there a regular need for such services, we provide a priority quick check service to speed up the turn around time we can agree to a proofreading contract on a monthly fixed-fee basis at a lower rate per word.
As with all our services, the bigger the number of words, the greater the discount is to the price shown above.
Please note that extra charges may apply is there are formatting or layout issues to take into account.

Low cost translation services to/from English

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