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‘Whenever clear communication in English is essential for business success’
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A practical solution for keeping your business English communication skills alive and well!

‘The easiest way to loose  your ability to communicate in English is lack of practice’

pspbe does not teach in the traditional meaning of the word. We assume that you have already reached a relatively high degree of proficiency in English, the grammar, reading, writing and speaking and have acquired a general level of knowledge.

What you need now is to develop your listening skills, your ability to understand, to respond quickly and intelligently - all within your own area of business speciality!

And here lies the difference. Our teachers are NOT qualified in the traditional sense of the word. They have something much more relevant to your needs: practical experience in business; they’ve been at the sharp end; seen it and done it; know the terminology; understand the business way of thinking.

These are valuable skills that cannot be found in any text book.

This is not to malign text book learning, it has a valuable role to play, but our job is to turn it into practical application. This is what pspbe is good at - doing just that!

Your tutor will be experienced in business; we will send a trainer who has some knowledge of your line of business wherever possible or if not, closely related to it.

We guarantee that you will never be bored; your intellect will be constantly challenged; you will cover a wide range of topics to help you in your business life, whether in the Board Room or in the bar socializing with colleagues and clients.

Please note that this service can be supplied on an ongoing basis or for specific projects

(This service is currently only available in Hungary)

Improve your Business English communication skills

Rates starting from
€20 per hour

Tuition is usually on a one-to-one basis with a trainer who has a good level of experience and can communicate to a high level in business English.

As with all our services, what we learn and discuss stays behind “closed doors” and is not communicated to other students even in the same company.

This is important because we are often asked to help prepare presentations and speeches containing confidential material.

The greater the number of hours, the greater the discount off the price shown above.  

Please note that extra charges may apply if there is a need for any specialist equipment or documentation for the training sessions.

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