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‘Whenever clear communication in English is essential for business success’
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A quick way to develop and understand your working knowledge of English for business purposes

‘The biggest obstacle to successful communication in English is lack of practice’

Even the most qualified business executive, one who has achieved a high level in English, will loose the ability to speak and understand English if not given the opportunity to practise speaking and listening to the language. This is particularly true where the predominant language of the company is the language of the land in which the company is based.

Every now and then, the absence of the opportunity to use your English skills can be a real obstruction to important business negotiations.

This is where English Immersion Training can help.

By spending 2/3 hours a day with an experienced Business English Trainer who is able to discuss your business in a knowledgeable and authoritative manner, for a period of days leading up the important business event, your listening and understanding skills will improve dramatically as well as your ability to communicate your ideas and plans.

This service can be used for preparing for important presentations and speeches.

(This service is currently only available in Hungary)

‘After three weeks of intensive training, my understanding of what was said in English improved dramatically at an important business meeting’ A.K.

Business English Immersion Training

Rates from as little as €20 per hour

Tuition is usually given on a one-to-one basis with a suitably experienced trainer in business English.

An important part of our service is to be discreet and keep all discussions between us as confidential. This is important because we are often asked to help prepare presentations and speeches containing confidential material.

The greater the number of hours, the greater the discount off the price shown above.  

Please note that extra charges may apply if there is a need for any specialist equipment or documentation for the training sessions.

Business English communication skills development

Business English communication skills development Ask more about our services

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