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The owner of this web site is Paul St Pierre. Born in Manchester in 1944, Paul worked in the business trouble shooting industry, primarily in the fields of employment and health and safety.

He gave management advice and found solutions for very tricky problems that could have resulted in large financial losses or, in extreme cases, closure of the business.

Dealing with management at all levels, from small to large sized companies, Paul gained a considerable insight into the problems facing management across a wide range of industries.

It is this background which enables Paul to offer considerable knowledge in many areas of business to the business executives he now teaches on a regular basis. He is also an excellent communicator and over the last ten years in Hungary, he has helped TV presenters, Managing Directors and Managers to develop better communication skills in English.

Of course, he cannot do everything alone! But the policy is to recruit like minded people who have similar experiences and communication skills to train and support executives in the various service areas on offer.

It is not an essential requirement that the people we recruit have a teaching qualification or not. What we provide are people who have actually been at the sharp end - actually been involved in business and know the necessary importance of using good communication to help achieve business success.

Paul has limited the range of services on offer because his philosophy is ‘only do, what you can do well’. Contact us to find more about what we can offer your business to improve your business English communication skills.

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