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‘Whenever clear communication in English is essential for business success’
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Empower your business English communication skills

If English is of strategic importance to your business, the need to develop better communication skills, whether spoken or written, is essential.

We work closely with Managers and Directors to empower them with better Business English communication skills and provide them with various support services to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts often caused by unintentional misuse of the language.

Currently, we work extensively with Hungarian Companies but can offer similar services to other companies in the Central European region.

At pspbe our aim is to empower Directors and Managers of companies in Central Europe by helping them to develop better business English communications skills.

Our business services

Proofreading and quick check service

Business English
(Hungary only)

English Immersion

Translation to/from

Technical translations (3rd party services)

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‘All the essential services you need in one place’

Practical solutions for Companies and Executives to whom English is of strategic importance

Good business English communication can:

- Increase existing business prospects

- Enable development of new market sectors

- Make business negotiations more productive

- Reduce time wastage due to misunderstandings

 caused by mispronunciation

- Prevent conflicts and reduce errors

Poor business English communication can:

- Damage long term business relationships

- Result in production and delivery errors

- Unnecessarily extend the time taken for business negotiations

- Drive potential customers away!

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